Course Introduction

Getting to know Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI)

Welcome to Hi-Vis UK Learning! Here you can either start your understanding of Dual Sensory Impairment (DSI), refresh or add to your experience and knowledge.

If you are an individual whose sight and hearing are both not as good as they used to be – most likely through wear and tear as we live longer lives – then this site is for you.

Equally, if you support people with DSI as a professional or a volunteer, or you support a family member or friend with DSI then this site is definitely for you.

Professionals – once you have completed this awareness course, and if you want to progress on to more in-depth, in-class training, visit our main website for details:

DSI is defined as affecting every day living tasks we used to be able to do with ease but now find difficult to do by ourselves.

These include:

  • finding it harder to communicate with others,
  • not going out like we used to because it has become too stressful or simply too difficult,
  • struggling to read information or impossible to see print on paper or a screen.

NOTE: we use the term DSI but you might also find it described as: age related deafblindness, deaf blindness, combined sight and hearing loss.

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